Cats Cradle Robbers’ New Single Debuts on Radio Xenu

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Cats Cradle Robbers is pleased to announce the release of Balayage and a Mocha, a new instrumental track from their upcoming album, as a Christmas treat for their fans. Fans of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra or Mannheim Steamroller will enjoy this highly melodic tune with its intricately-woven guitar, piano, and synthesizer melodies and driving rhythm. Balayage and a Mocha is available for free on the band’s Soundcloud page from Christmas day until January 29th. The track will also debut on Radio Xenu, Rocker’s Dive radio, and Open the Door Radio.


Band members Nick Dallett and Ed Essey have been working to complete a new album, to be their 5th. Originally due for Christmas, the new album has been delayed due to the happy event of the birth of Essey’s daughter Layla. The album is on track to be completed early in 2017. Balayage and a Mocha is the second track to be released from the new collection, after Mile High Clubbin’, which was released this past summer. The new album will be oriented towards club DJs and will cover a variety of house styles.

Cats Cradle Robbers, Seattle’s most creative electronica duo, has been creating experimental electroacoustic music since 2007. Their previous albums have covered a diverse range of experimental electronic styles. The new album represents the first time the band has focused on a more mainstream electronic dance music style.

RXTop20 Mid-Year Countdown 2016 Results

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Radio Xenu‘s annual Top 20 Mid-Year Countdown is in the books. You won’t find a countdown like this anywhere else! It was held Wednesday, July 13th during the Neeshcast, and truly reflects the vast taste and wide musical spectrum we encompass.

Check out the show to hear the songs in full PLUS a little something about each of the artists!


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Independent Artist Initiative

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Radio Xenu has always been about supporting the lesser known musicians, the ones who are flying under the radar and not getting the big FM promotion. Before they hit it big, we were playing artists like Twenty One Pilots and The Neighbourhood, and now they’ve hit it big. For the last six years, Radio Xenu has followed a certain format of indie-rock-electronic that’s limited us in playing certain genres and indie artists in our AutoDJ station rotation, but that has officially changed today. We have a new indie initiative that will include the great independent artists that are grinding every week to get their name out there. We know that you can get any of the music we play On Demand via any music app, but we’re now hoping to give you more music you CAN’T easily get without seeking it out from those streaming services. With the #RXTop20 recently passing and numerous DIY/Indie artists in the mix such as the winners Rogues Among Us, JDVBBS, Joey Eppard, Weerd Science and more, we’re now going to play more underground artists in the mix of our regular format. What does all of this even mean? Artists, send us your songs. Fans, submit songs you think belong and tell the artists about us. Let’s make this happen! Submit music to

RXTop20 2016

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It’s countdown time again here in Radio Xenu land! July 13th we will be counting down your favorite songs on the annual Top 20 Mid-Year Countdown. That’s right, you pick the songs!

Between now and July 11th, you can cast votes for any of the songs we play.

To vote:

  1. Tweet @radioxenu with the hashtag “#RXTop20” along with the artist and song title.
  2. Orrrr leave a comment on this Facebook Post.

Get to listening! [web / mobile]

For reference:

RXTop40 2015 Results

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On New Years Day 2016, the most popular songs on Radio Xenu (AS VOTED ON BY YOU!) were counted down by your very sick host, Pip, from #40 to #1. Below are the full results of the countdown, as well as a podcast of the show if you’d like to listen back to all of the drama, the ups and the downs, and the excitement that surrounds the WrestleMania of Radio Xenu, the RXTop40.


RXTop40 2015 by Thepipshow on Mixcloud

Thank you to all of the listeners of Radio Xenu who did their part to get votes for the following songs. Additionally, we thank the artists who promoted the countdown and helped us out. We’re all in this together, and together, we’re building something great.

40. Ontologics – Call It Collateral
39. Sir Sly – You Haunt Me
38. The Neighbourhood – Afraid
37. Our Vices – Echoes
36. Jon Bellion – Munny Right
35. Betablock3r – Out of Touch

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Bastille – Of The Night

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This is the rhythm of the night
The night
Oh yeah…
Love this song. I truly love the original. Did you know it’s a cover?

Check out the original from Corona in 1993..

The RXTop40 is back January 1st

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UPDATE: 12/23 We’ve had 73 artists voted for thus far in the RXTop40. Who do you think deserves that top spot? Vote below!

Who deserves the #1 spot?


Who deserves the #1 spot?


Who deserves the #1 spot?


Who deserves the #1 spot?


Don’t see your favorite artist? Post a comment below.

The Radio Xenu Top 40 Countdown returns January 1st, 2016. Join us for the annual celebration of the biggest tracks that we spin on the station. It’s entirely up to YOU to decide where your favorite songs land. How? By voting!

Tell us the artists and songs you want to nominate for the countdown by:
1- Posting on our wall HERE & hashtag #RXTop40.
2- Tweeting us HERE & hashtag #RXTop40.
3- Email any votes.
4- Retweeting any official RX DJ accounts that prompt you to vote for a song.
5- Reply to this post.

You may vote NOW! Voting ends as the clock strikes Midnight on December 31st into January 1st, central standard time. You’ve got 8 whole weeks to spread the word to all of your friends to listen and vote for their(and your own) favorite tracks.

There is no limit on how many songs you can vote for, but you can only vote for a song once.

Get the artists involved! Tag them when you post and maybe, just maybe, they’ll rally their fans to vote. This has led to bands getting top spots on the previous countdowns. All it takes is one mention to get the ball rolling. Will your favorite artist and/or song make it to #1 as we count them down on Friday, January 1st? It’s up to you to vote!

Tune in to Radio Xenu for our 24/7 AutoDJ stream spinning Indie, Rock, Electronic, and Reggae tracks. These are the songs you can vote for in the countdown!
Listen via our website or your favorite media player here:
You can download the TuneIn App and listen to us here:
Or listen to us on any other streaming device available. Just search Radio Xenu!

Here is a list of tracks we have in our playlist. This list is incomplete, so your best bet is to listen. Playlist
Want to see which songs just played? We’ve got a bot that keeps track of that on Twitter: HERE

Spread the word! Let’s make this the biggest countdown yet for Radio Xenu.

Here’s an update of the artists who have received votes as of December 15:

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