#TPS5 – ThePipShow’s Top 5 Favorite Tracks of the Week

August 24, 2015 in Featured Tracks

Hi gang. Pip here from…ThePipShow, of course. Every Thursday night on the show I share my favorite tracks. And now I present to you the radioxenu.com version of that countdown. Here are my top 5 favorite tracks from this last week on Radio Xenu. It was so hard to pick which one lands where, but listen, not every song can be #1. Check these out and tell me your favs. #TPS5 #Top5 #PipTop5 #PT5 #WhatDoICallThisSegment

5. New Politics “15 Dreams”

4. Years & Years “King”

3. X Ambassadors “Free & Lonely”

2. Halsey “New Americana”

1. Cold War Kids “First”

Didja like any of these tracks? Tune in to ThePipShow Wednesday nights after The Neeshcast & Thursdays 8-12 central. Plus, check out AutoDJ which features every single one of these tracks.

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