Independent Artist Initiative

July 15, 2016 in Front

Radio Xenu has always been about supporting the lesser known musicians, the ones who are flying under the radar and not getting the big FM promotion. Before they hit it big, we were playing artists like Twenty One Pilots and The Neighbourhood, and now they’ve hit it big. For the last six years, Radio Xenu has followed a certain format of indie-rock-electronic that’s limited us in playing certain genres and indie artists in our AutoDJ station rotation, but that has officially changed today. We have a new indie initiative that will include the great independent artists that are grinding every week to get their name out there. We know that you can get any of the music we play On Demand via any music app, but we’re now hoping to give you more music you CAN’T easily get without seeking it out from those streaming services. With the #RXTop20 recently passing and numerous DIY/Indie artists in the mix such as the winners Rogues Among Us, JDVBBS, Joey Eppard, Weerd Science and more, we’re now going to play more underground artists in the mix of our regular format. What does all of this even mean? Artists, send us your songs. Fans, submit songs you think belong and tell the artists about us. Let’s make this happen! Submit music to

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