Radio Xenu Summer Line-up!

Radio Xenu Summer Line-up!

June 27, 2013 in Front

Well, sort of Summer.. I realize that for Australia, it’s technically Winter. That is so tricky. Anyway!

We’ve got some fun changes and plenty of things that are staying the same for you this Summer/Winter June/July.. season.. Yeah..

1- Some management changes including Pip as the new Station Manager and JustBrandon as the new Music Director. Congratulations! The format will remain the same as Indie-Rock-Electronic, so no worries!

2- Radio Xenu welcomes new programming:
a) The ALL NEW JustBrandon Show featuring Pip, LIVE every Monday night starting July 1st from 10-12 Central.
b) Gross Misconduct Podcast, “Political Correctness Get’s Slapped in the Face by Brutal Honesty” airing Sundays at 9pm Central. The show debuts on Radio Xenu July 7th!
c) Friday nights are all new. You can expect to see(and hear) 420am returning with his Failshow! Keep an eye(ear) out for that!
d) InSpace w/Nick McEwen is back every Saturday night and Tuesday night at 9pm!

All of the above is added to the already existing awesome line-up of live shows and DJ’s including:
-Cripla hosting the Crippled Evening Show, broadcasting from Australia and spinning great dubstep jams at 7am on Saturday morning, and Tuesday night at 10pm!
-Neesh hosting the Neeshcast, broadcasting from New York and spinning the best Do It Yourself, Indie, Pop-Punk, etc artists and educating us all with her vast knowledge of these great, unknown bands! She’s on Wednesdays @ 9 and Thursdays @ 6.
-Pip hosting ThePipShow, Thursday nights 8-12 & Sunday 10-12, broadcasting from Kansas and spinning your requests, plus taking live phone calls, interacting with the listeners, discussing the latest events, etc.
-Vio hosting the ViO-Cast/Pre-b0ner, Mornings on Radio Xenu at Spontaneous times, and perhaps a little more!

If you’re interested in joining the Radio Xenu family, please email

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