Here’s the scheduled shows throughout the week:

All times are Central.

10p-12a: The Awesome 80’s hosted by EnraBahn & Leimy. (@Awesome80sRX)(@LeimyRX)
12a: The Awesome Aftershow hosted by EnraBahn (@EnraBahn)


7p-9p: Gross Misconduct LIVE! (@GrossMLive)
9p-1a: The #CanadianVirus Jaret (@juggernautjaret)


5p-7p: Planet Cody(@PlanetCodyRX)
7p-11p: Neeshcast (@neeshcast)



9p-11p: The Dingo Shoe hosted by Crowbar(@CrowbarRX)


6am: The Crippled Evening Show (@criplarx)
8am: Viocast Sound System (facebook)) /


8am: Viocast Sound System (facebook)
2pm: The Jiggy Jaguar Experience (@jiggyjaguar)

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When: Thursday 8p-12a
About: From Wichita, Kansas, Pip is an avid fan of radio and pro wrestling. The show is completely interactive with live phone calls, guests, parody songs, prank calls and light-hearted discussion of current events, with plenty of ball-busting thrown in for good measure. ThePipShow is currently focusing on the hip hop genre.
Contact: 318-995-4PIP | | @PipFromWichita on Twitter
Podcast of Past Episodes

The Neeshcast
When: Wednesday: 7p-11p
About: Miss Neesh is a writer/web & social media guide who specializes in DIY artist development. Hailing from the Hudson Valley region of New York state, she keeps it real! The Neeshcast showcases the best in under the radar, independent, DIY, and FREE music from a variety of genres… plus the occasional guest DJ!
Contact: | @Neeshcast on Twitter
Podcast of Past Episodes

Crippled Evening Show
When: Saturday 5-7a
About: Cripla is hot Aussie bogan, end of story
Contact: Call in (Australia) 03 9016 9368 |
Call in (America) +613 9016 9368 | Facebook

Gross Misconduct Podcast
When: Tuesday 7-9pm/em>
About: Gross Misconduct LIVE is hosted by two old Flint, MI natives who got bored and creative at the same time. Each podcast they’ll be discussing a wide variety of topics, while sharing an un-PC perspective for an overly politically correct, sensitive world. Be ready for opinionated views that don’t necessarily intend to offend, but quite possibly will.
Contact: @GrossMLIVE Twitter

Attack of the 90’s
When: Saturday at 10pm, Friday at 1pmCST
About: a weekly, 90 minute show debuting Saturday night at 10pmCST, replays Friday afternoons at 1pmCST, playing your favorites (and maybe least favorites) from the 90’s. Hosted by Cody & Jaret, Attack of the 90’s will be a great way to end your work-week and spark up some nostalgia as you head into your weekend.
Contact: @90sAttack Twitter

Awesome 80’s
When: Monday 10p-12a CST
About: A weekly 2 hour show featuring Enra Bahn, Juggernaut Jaret and Leimy airing every Monday night at 10pm CST which plays all your favourite 80s music and contains talk about different aspects of the 80s. Requests can be placed via Twitter ( @Awesome80srx) or facebook.
Contact: Awesome 80s on Facebook@Awesome80srx on Twitter

Inspace w/Nick McEwen & Ammon Ohlson
When: Returning Soon
About: InSpace w/ Nick McEwen & Ammon Ohlson Covering Strange News Topics and having a round table discussion with ever changing guests.
Contact: InSpace on Facebook

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