RXTop20 Mid-Year Countdown 2016 Results

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Radio Xenu‘s annual Top 20 Mid-Year Countdown is in the books. You won’t find a countdown like this anywhere else! It was held Wednesday, July 13th during the Neeshcast, and truly reflects the vast taste and wide musical spectrum we encompass.

Check out the show to hear the songs in full PLUS a little something about each of the artists!


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RXTop20 2016

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It’s countdown time again here in Radio Xenu land! July 13th we will be counting down your favorite songs on the annual Top 20 Mid-Year Countdown. That’s right, you pick the songs!

Between now and July 11th, you can cast votes for any of the songs we play.

To vote:

  1. Tweet @radioxenu with the hashtag “#RXTop20” along with the artist and song title.
  2. Orrrr leave a comment on this Facebook Post.

Get to listening! [web / mobile]

For reference:

The RXTop40 is back January 1st

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UPDATE: 12/23 We’ve had 73 artists voted for thus far in the RXTop40. Who do you think deserves that top spot? Vote below!

Who deserves the #1 spot?


Who deserves the #1 spot?


Who deserves the #1 spot?


Who deserves the #1 spot?


Don’t see your favorite artist? Post a comment below.

The Radio Xenu Top 40 Countdown returns January 1st, 2016. Join us for the annual celebration of the biggest tracks that we spin on the station. It’s entirely up to YOU to decide where your favorite songs land. How? By voting!

Tell us the artists and songs you want to nominate for the countdown by:
1- Posting on our wall HERE & hashtag #RXTop40.
2- Tweeting us HERE & hashtag #RXTop40.
3- Email pip@radioxenu.com any votes.
4- Retweeting any official RX DJ accounts that prompt you to vote for a song.
5- Reply to this post.

You may vote NOW! Voting ends as the clock strikes Midnight on December 31st into January 1st, central standard time. You’ve got 8 whole weeks to spread the word to all of your friends to listen and vote for their(and your own) favorite tracks.

There is no limit on how many songs you can vote for, but you can only vote for a song once.

Get the artists involved! Tag them when you post and maybe, just maybe, they’ll rally their fans to vote. This has led to bands getting top spots on the previous countdowns. All it takes is one mention to get the ball rolling. Will your favorite artist and/or song make it to #1 as we count them down on Friday, January 1st? It’s up to you to vote!

Tune in to Radio Xenu for our 24/7 AutoDJ stream spinning Indie, Rock, Electronic, and Reggae tracks. These are the songs you can vote for in the countdown!
Listen via our website or your favorite media player here: http://tunein.radioxenu.com
You can download the TuneIn App and listen to us here: http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-Xenu-s118981/
Or listen to us on any other streaming device available. Just search Radio Xenu!

Here is a list of tracks we have in our playlist. This list is incomplete, so your best bet is to listen. Playlist
Want to see which songs just played? We’ve got a bot that keeps track of that on Twitter: HERE

Spread the word! Let’s make this the biggest countdown yet for Radio Xenu.

Here’s an update of the artists who have received votes as of December 15:

Results: The #RXTop20 Mid Year Countdown 2015

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Radio Xenu’s Mid-Year Top 20 Countdown 2015 is in the books. What an amazing countdown it was. Every song that made it into the countdown was voted on by the fans of the artists and listeners of Radio Xenu. We had over 100 songs voted for by people from all around the world. Check out the list.

20. Deftones “Sextape”
-Was #18 on the Top40 2014

19. I The Mighty ft. Max Bemis “Friends”

18. Bright Eyes “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”
-Was #15 on the Top40 2014

17. Anakin “Sink To the Bottom” (Fountains of Wayne Cover)

16. Royal Blood “Figure It Out”

15. Diet Cig “Harvard”

14. Jimmy Eat World “Your New Aesthetic”
-the oldest song on the countdown, from 1999

13. Fortunate Youth “My Love”

12. Jon Bellion “Woke The Fuck Up”
-Bellion first appeared with “Luxury” at #6 on the Top40 in January

11. Conway “Attack”

10. The Neighbourhood “Female Robbery”
-5th appearance for The Neighbourhood in countdown history. Previous songs include West Coast and Afraid.

9. Straylight Run “Hands In The Sky (Big Shot)”
-Was #16 on the Top40 2014

8. Baby Alpaca “Rollercoaster”

7. Twenty One Pilots “Stressed Out”
-3rd Countdown appearance by Twenty One Pilots, who had #11 from Top20 Last Year and #17 from Top40 with Ode to Sleep.

6. 3 “Pretty”

5. Abandon Kansas “Mirror”
-4th Countdown Appearance by AK. Was #14 on Top40 2014 w/You+Me+TheRadio, #2 w/TheChase.
-The Chase was #10 last year on the Top20.

4. Stellar Young “Nomad”
-“We Own Nothing” was #7 on last year’s Top20, #5 on Top40 2014. This is the highest Stellar Young have appeared on a countdown.

3. Gunship “Fly For Your Life”

2. The Macks “Nightcrawler”

1. Hidden Hospitals “Rose Hips”

Top20 Tidbits –
Artists that have dominated the previous countdowns include CHERUB, The Neighbourhood, Dirty Heads, Stellar Young, Abandon Kansas, Portugal. the man, and Twenty One Pilots.
On this countdown, of those 7, only 4 of them appeared.
There were only 4 overlapping artists in this year’s Top20 compared to last year’s Top20.
There were only 8 overlaps from the Top40 which was only 6 months ago.

Artists that received votes but did not make it into the countdown include:
Antemasque, Athletics, Dead Unicorn, Every Time I Die, Glassjaw, Hirie, Hum, Ibeyi, K.Flay, Kiss Kiss, Miami Horror, Minus The Bear, Nine Inch Nails, No Devotion, One Drop, Pinback, Portugal. the Man, Royal Blood, Shamir, Session 606, Shark Bait, ShwizZ, Soko, The Wombats, The Carnations, Weerd Science, XV, Yelawolf, Young Rising Sons.’

Wanna know the songs we play? Here’s a list that Neesh has kept for us of the latest AutoDJ additions over the last year.

We’ll be back in 6 months with the big end of the year RXTop40. Don’t let your favorites get lost in the shuffle!
When it’s time, you can vote via Facebook (facebook.com/radioxenu) or Tweet @radioxenu your favorite AutoDJ tracks & let us know that you want to vote for them in the #RXTop40. Get your friends to listen and vote as well so your song can make it to the top spot! Then tune in with your friends and all of the other listeners to find out where your favorites landed in the twenty most popular songs countdown on Radio Xenu.
Listen: http://TuneIn.radioxenu.com/ or

Wanna know what happened in the last 2 countdowns? Click the tags below.

#RXTop40 2014 Results

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January 1st, 2015 was the day we counted them down from #40 to #1. Based on Radio Xenu listener’s votes, here are the top 40 songs played in our AutoDJ Rotation of the past year –

40. Bear Hands – “Giants”
39. In The Valley Below – “Peaches”
38. Black Rivers – “The Ship”
37. SBTRKT – “Higher” feat Raury
36. Capital Cities – “Farrah Fawcett Hair” (feat Andre 3000 & NPR’s Frank Tavares)
35. Athletics – “See You On The Other Side”
34. The Dear Hunter – “Whisper”
33. Antemasque – “Hangin in the Lurch”
32. mc chris – “On The Road”
31. Das Racist – “You Oughta Know”
30. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – “Mr. Cop”
29. The Appleseed Cast – “Mountain Halo”
28. Ontologics – “Something to Needle Over”
27. The Cure – “Lullaby”
26. Kiss Kiss – “Satellite”
25. Brand New – “At The Bottom”
24. Delta Spirit – “White Table”
23. Session 606 – “Infidel Musk(You Are)”
22. Dirty Heads feat Bun B – “Hangovers With You”
21. Heavy English – “21 Flights”
20. The Raconteurs – “Level”
19. Soul Coughing – “Super Bon Bon”
18. Deftones – “Sextape”
17. twenty one pilots – “ode to sleep”
16. Straylight Run – “Hands in the Sky(Big Shot)”
15. Bright Eyes – “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”
14. Abandon Kansas – “You + Me + The Radio”
13. Weerd Science – “Clap if You <3 Someone" 12. Sir Sly - "You Haunt Me" 11. Cage The Elephant - "In One Ear" 10. The Neighbourhood - "West Coast" 09. Dirty Heads - "My Sweet Summer" 08. CHERUB - "Doses & Mimosas" 07. Bastille - "Flaws" 06. Jon Bellion ft. Audra Mae - "Luxury" 05. Stellar Young - "We Own Nothing" 04. Portugal. The Man - "Creep in a T-Shirt" 03. CHERUB - "3(Heart)" 02. Abandon Kansas - "The Chase" 01. The Neighbourhood - "Afraid" Want to check those songs out? Check out this YouTube playlist!

Discuss the countdown on Twitter & Facebook using the hashtag #RXTop40 & don’t forget to keep listening to Radio Xenu and write down your favorite songs so that you can take part in the #RXTop20 Mid-Year Countdown or the Year End #RXTop40 of 2015!
Radio Xenu on Facebook
Radio Xenu on Twitter

#RXTop40 Returns 1/1/15

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The Countdown is On! #RXTop40 returns 1/1/15 as we count down your favorite songs from 40 to 1. It’s time to start voting for your favorite Radio Xenu songs & rallying your friends to do so as well! Which song will make it to #1? It’s up to you!

Here’s the #RXTop40 from 2013 – Here

Here’s the #RXTop20 mid-year countdown from July: Here

When you vote, remember to use the hashtag #RXTop40

You can reference those above lists, as well as a list we will provide in time of many new songs that have been added into rotation of our ever-evolving AutoDJ playlist. In the meantime, have a listen to AutoDJ and pick out your favorites! You can listen on our website @ radioxenu.com or on the TuneIn app anywhere! Follow us: here

You can tweet your votes @Radioxenu or send them on facebook.

You have until the 1st to vote, so no rush! Happy listening! #RockTheVote #RXTop40

Top20 Results!

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The Radio Xenu Mid-Year Top20 Countdown of #AutoDJ Music is in the books and what a countdown it was!

We left it up to you, the listener, to vote for your favorite AutoDJ songs! (AutoDJ is what plays when no DJ is on the air) Thank you for your votes! Here’s just some of the picks from our Facebook Post.

On July 10, 2014, Pip counted them down from 20 to 1 and as the numbers got smaller, the hits got bigger! These are the hits as voted on by you, the Radio Xenu Listener. Let’s check out the songs that made it.

20. Ming & Ping – Mission Control
19. Free Energy – Bang Pop (Fools Gold Remix)
18. Matt Pond PA – Halloween
17. Gentlemen Hall – All Our Love
16. Dirty Heads – My Sweet Summer
15. The Limousines – Internet Killed the Video Star
14. Portugal. the Man – Creep in a T-Shirt
13. San Cisco – Awkward
12. MC Chris – On The Road
11. Twenty One Pilots – Ode to Sleep
10. Abandon Kansas – The Chase
9. Lorde – Tennis Court
8. The Neighbourhood – West Coast
7. Stellar Young – We Own Nothing
6. Bear Hands – Giants
5. Dirty Heads – Sloth’s Revenge
4. Tove Lo – Habits
3. St. Vincent – Digital Witness
2. The Neighbourhood – Afraid
1. CHERUB – Doses & Mimosas

Let’s check out the entire list of artists that got voted for in this countdown. This will be a helpful list come December when the End Year Top40 happens. Plus, you can use this as a key for an idea of some of what we play in AutoDJ and what you might want to request.

Abandon Kansas
Abandoned Pools
Arcade Fire
As Elephants Are
Active Child
Atoms for Peace
Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks
Bad Books
Bear Hands
Bedouin Soundclash
Dirty Heads
Divine Paiste
Emmy Wildwood
Gentlemen Hall
Ghostland Observatory
Ghost Loft
Diamond Rings
Free Energy
Heavy English
Ingrid Michaelson
Jack White
Last Night’s Stand
Little Dragon
Loyal Wife
Jagwar Ma
Manchester Orchestra
Matt Pond PA
mc chris
Miami Horror
Miniature Tigers
Ming & Ping
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Paper Tongues
Phoenix Foundation
Polly Scatterwood
Portugal. the Man
Potato Potato
Purity Ring
Night Shining
San Cisco
Satellite Stories
Silent Rider
Sleigh Bells
Stellar Young
Strange Talk
St. Vincent
The Ceremonies
The Drums
The Fire Department
The Get Up Kids
The Holidays
The Limousines
The Neighbourhood
The Orwells
The Postal Service
The Vaccines
The xx
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Tove Lo
Twenty One Pilots
Two Door Cinema Club
War Paint
Washed Out
10 ft Ganja Plant

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